Ethical business conduct is the responsibility of everyone working for and on behalf of Haleon. 

It is the foundation for building trust in our Company and protects our licence to operate. Our standards and the actions we take to embed them – such as policies, guidance, and training for our employees and business partners – help us deliver on our commitment.

Our Code of Conduct (Code), approved by the Board, underpins our culture and behaviours and promotes ethical business conduct. Available in 17 languages, it is based on 19 principles that span our consumers and industry, Company and employees. Our Code applies to everyone at Haleon, across every location, and in every role and level of seniority. Our suppliers, distributors, agents, consultants, and contractors are also subject to many of the principles of our Code. All alleged violations of our Code are taken very seriously. We conduct formal investigations where appropriate and have an end-to-end concerns management process, which seeks to ensure that where issues are substantiated, we carry out appropriate disciplinary action.

We have zero tolerance for all forms of corruption. Our Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABAC) Policy sets global principles, standards, and requirements for our Company. The policy applies to any person who performs services for or on behalf of Haleon, including (but not limited to) all employees and third-party temporary workers. Where there is a difference between any of the requirements outlined in our Code and/or ABAC policy and local laws or regulations, the higher requirements must be met. All existing employees and third-party temporary workers are required to complete mandatory annual e-learning training on the Code and ABAC Policy, as are all new starters as part of their onboarding.

Speak Up: Haleon encourages anyone, whether working for Haleon or not, to use our ‘speak up’ channels about alleged misconduct, possible breaches of our Code or other Company policies or procedures, or suspected violations of laws and regulations. All reported concerns are taken seriously and handled in accordance with our investigatory principles.