Haleon has a dividend policy that looks to balance all our stakeholders’ interests while ensuring the long-term success of Haleon. Reflecting our stated priorities to invest into the business for growth and reduce leverage, our current intention is, subject to Board approval, to maintain our pay-out ratio around the current level of approximately 30% of adjusted earnings.

Dividends are expected to be paid half-yearly with approximately one third of the dividend paid as an interim dividend following the Company’s half-year results. Subject to shareholder approval at the Company’s Annual General Meeting, the balance would be paid as a final dividend.

Read everything that you need to know on ordinary share dividends including details of the dividend reinvestment plan (DRIP).




Record date

DRIP election date

Payment date

Amount per ordinary share (pence per share)

2023 Final Dividend

29 February 2024

14 March 2024

15 March 2024

17 April 2024

16 May 2024




Direct Credit FAQs:

Direct credit is a commonly used means of payment whereby funds are transferred directly into the recipient’s bank account, rather than by providing a cheque that must subsequently be cashed. Direct credit is a more secure method of payment than cheques. It is used by most large organisations to pay, for example, employees’ salaries.

There is no fee charged by Haleon or Equiniti for this service.

You can nominate any UK bank or building society account in your name.

By registering for a Shareview Portfolio at www.shareview.co.uk you can manage many aspects of your shareholding online, including updating your bank details. If you are a sole shareholder with 2,500 shares or fewer you can also update your bank details by calling Equiniti, our registrar.

Dividends will be paid into your nominated bank or building society account as cleared funds on the dividend payment date.

If you register for electronic communications at www.shareview.co.uk, you will be sent an electronic notification on the day the dividend is paid. If you are not registered, you will receive an annual consolidated dividend statement by post setting out details of all dividends paid to you in the previous twelve months. These statements are currently sent out in January each year.

If you do not want to register for electronic communications or receive an annual consolidated dividend statement by post in January each year, then please contact Equiniti to request individual dividend statements. These statements will be posted out by second class two days before each dividend payment date so that you receive it on the day the dividend is paid into your bank/building society account.

Online: You can provide and maintain your nominated account details via your Shareview Portfolio. Please visit www.shareview.co.uk for details on how to register.

By telephone: If you are a sole shareholder with 2,500 shares or fewer, you can provide your account details by calling Haleon’s registrar, Equiniti, on +44 (0) 371 384 2227). Lines are open 8:30am to 5:30pm (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales).

If you do not provide this information, you will still receive an annual dividend statement; however, you will not receive the money until your bank details are received, after which payment will be credited to your account as soon as possible. Your dividends will not accrue interest while they are being held for you and there may be a fee for Equiniti to reissue payments.

Instead of receiving dividend payments into your bank or building society account, you may wish to build up your shareholding in Haleon by using your dividends to purchase further Haleon shares. The Haleon Dividend Reinvestment Programme (‘DRIP’) is a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to do this. Visit www.shareview.co.uk/info/drip for more information and a DRIP application form.

Please note: If you are not eligible to join the DRIP, or you revoke your DRIP instruction, you will need to provide your bank or building society account details in order for future dividends to be paid to you.

As an alternative to cash dividends or DRIP, ordinary shareholders can sign up to Equiniti’s service, EQ Boost. Through this service ordinary shareholders can boost cash dividends and convert them into eVouchers for a range of retailers. You can access further information or sign up for EQ Boost here www.shareview.co.uk/Clients/EQBoost/default.htm

If you do not have a UK bank or building society account, you may be able to arrange for payments to be converted and paid in your local currency using the Equiniti Overseas Payment Service. This service pays in over 83 currencies to over 90 different countries. To view the Terms and Conditions for the service and to download the applicable form please visit www.shareview.co.uk/info/ops or contact Equiniti.

Dividend FAQs

Please note that the answers that refer to our Registrar, Equiniti, are only relevant to those shareholders who hold Haleon shares directly on the Ordinary Register with Equiniti, or through Haleon’s Corporate Sponsored Nominee service. If you hold your shares via your broker or through a nominee service, please contact the bank or stockbroker with whom you hold the shares to obtain guidance.


Any dividend announced by the company will be payable to shareholders who are named on the register on the “record date”. Any potential dividend will be announced with the half-yearly results announcements and the dividend rate is determined in pounds sterling.

The ex-dividend date marks the first day when buyers of shares are not entitled to the previously announced dividend. Before this date, shares are said to be ‘cum-dividend’: if you buy shares during this period, you are entitled to the dividend which has just been announced. However, if you purchase shares on or after the ex-dividend date you are not entitled to the pending dividend – the previous owner of the shares is.

The record date is exactly one business day after the ex-dividend date. On this date, the Registrar will view the share register and determine who will receive dividends by confirming who is recorded on the register on this date. If you buy shares on the ex-dividend date, you will not appear on the register until after the record date, so will not receive the most recent dividend payment.

The Haleon Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP) is a service offered by Equiniti in which you can use your cash dividends to buy more shares in Haleon. As an alternative to the dividend payment, your cash will be used to buy additional shares. The DRIP is a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to build your shareholding.

Please note that a commission charge of 1 per cent of the value of the shares purchased will be charged by Equiniti, and purchases will also be liable to stamp duty at a rate of 0.5 per cent of the value of the shares purchased.

To apply for the Haleon DRIP, call 0371 384 2268 or visit ‘Help – Dividend’ on the Shareview website.

Equiniti have an Overseas Payment service in place, through which they can send dividends directly to overseas bank accounts. More information can be found on the Shareview website under ‘Shareholder Services’.

Information on Haleon’s dividends for ADR shareholders.




Record date

Payment date

Amount per American Depositary Receipt (ADR) (USD per ADR)

2023 Final Dividend

29 February 2024

14 March 2024

15 March 2024

16 May 2024

$ 0.1052675

American Depositary Receipt (ADR) Deposit Agreement

Haleon’s deposit agreement under which the American Depositary Shares (ADRs) representing its ordinary shares are issued to allow a fee of up to $0.03 per ADR to be charged for any cash distribution made to ADR holders, including cash dividends, in line with common market practice in order to cover costs associated with the management of the ADR programme.

With effect from 6 December 2022 Haleon plc implemented an annual administration fee of $0.03 per ADS to cover costs related to its ADR programme. It is presently intended that such fees will be charged annually (in December), in lieu of a dividend fee for ADR holders. 

You can read more about JP Morgan (the Depositary Bank) here

Frequently asked questions

ADR dividends are paid in US dollars. The dividend amount paid on ADRs is calculated by converting the dividend amount in pounds sterling to US dollars, using the exchange rate as at close of business three days prior to the payment date. The reference share price for ordinary shares is then multiplied by two (as one ADR represents two ordinary shares).

(The US dollar dividend amount received is likely to differ from the US dollar determining rate announced in the results due to the currency fluctuations between the date the dividend is declared and three days before the payment date).

The ADR depositary is entitled to receive dividends in pounds sterling, which is the currency in which Haleon's dividends are declared. Payment in the US dollar determining rate would expose Haleon to foreign currency fluctuations arising from movements between ADRs and share registers.

JPMorgan provides a Global Invest Direct programme, a direct ADS dividend reinvestment plan for ADR holders. For details on how to enrol please visit www.shareowneronline.com or call the JP Morgan helpline number above to obtain an enrolment pack.

Information below on Haleon’s previous dividends paid to ordinary shareholders and ADR holders. 

Description Record Date Payment Date Amount per ordinary share (pence per share) Amount per ADR (USD per ADR)
2023 Interim Dividend 25 August 2023 5 October 2023 1.8p $0.043871
2022 Final Dividend 17 March 2023 27 April 2023 2.4p $0.0597319

Cautionary statements regarding forward-looking statements

Haleon cautions investors that any forward-looking statements or projections made by Haleon, including those made in this announcement, are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.