Our Impact

Our Responsible Business Strategy

Running a responsible business is a strategic imperative for Haleon and hardwired into how we do business. 





Our responsible business strategy focuses on three interconnected focus areas: making everyday health more inclusive; reducing our environmental impact; and operating with ethical, responsible, and transparent behaviours and standards of conduct.

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As a leading global player in consumer health, Haleon is well-positioned to recognise and understand the social and environmental barriers that hold people back from achieving better everyday health. We want to use our reach, expertise, and products to empower and support people to take charge of their health and wellbeing while having a positive impact on the world.

Brian McNamara

Chief Executive Officer

2023 Responsible Business Performance Highlights

Health Inclusivity:

Tackling carbon emissions:

Making our packaging more sustainable:

Sourcing trusted ingredients sustainably:

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:


people empowered to be more included in opportunities for better everyday health1


reduction in net Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions vs 20202



of product packaging recycle-ready3, 4


of palm oil derivatives in our products are sustainably sourced and deforestation free3, 5


of people in leadership roles are women6

Key Achievements

Health Inclusivity

  • Our brands are taking action to improve health inclusivity. Our ‘Advil Pain Equity Project’ in the US champions equitable and accessible pain relief. Caltrate’s bone health programmes educate both consumers and Health Professionals in China on how to prevent and manage osteoporosis.


  • We achieved our ambition of producing one billion recycle-ready4 toothpaste tubes two years ahead of plan.
  • We achieved our first water-neutral site in Cape Town following water replenishment activities with WWF South Africa, which commenced in 2022. In early 2023, the site was also recommended for Alliance Water Stewardship (AWS) Standard certification.

Upholding our standards

  • 85% of employees feel both that Haleon is committed to minimising its impact on the environment and is taking action to be socially responsible – two of the highest-scoring results in Haleon’s 2023 employee engagement survey.
  • We secured a spot as one of the top ten performers for Women in Leadership by the FTSE Women Leaders Review for a second year running.

Key Collaborations

1 Reporting period = 1 December 2022 – 30 November 2023. Where actual data on initiatives contributing to the goal has not been accessible, extrapolations have been applied in a conservative manner to determine indicative results.

2 The 2023 reporting period is 1 December 2022 to 30 November 2023. The baseline reporting period is 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2020.

3 Reporting period = 1 July 2022 – 30 June 2023.

4 Recycle-ready means product packaging and devices that are made of materials that are proven to be compatible with existing or emerging recycling infrastructure. In line with the CDP definition of ‘technical recyclability’ this does not take into account whether the collection, sorting, and recycling of the packaging or device happens in practice, at scale, and with reasonable economics.

5 Scope includes Haleon’s globally managed spend. Globally managed spend covers the majority of our internal spend and expands across some of our third-party manufacturing network.

6 As of 31 December 2023. Scope includes employees within our compensation grades 0-5. These roles include members of the Executive Team, their direct reports (excluding administration support), heads of department and upper management.

* KPMG LLP has issued independent limited assurance, using assurance standard ISAE(UK)3000, over the selected data indicated, which has been extracted from Haleon’s 2023 Annual Report and Form 20-F.