Haleon Trade Mark and Brand Guidelines

At the heart of our business value and reputation lie the Haleon brands, which are invaluable assets. We take great pride in our brands and their role in advancing our purpose - to provide better everyday health, with humanity. It is imperative that we safeguard our brands, and we appreciate your assistance in doing so.

Haleon’s brand assets include, but are not limited to, trade marks, logos, icons, designs, and trade dress, which may be registered or unregistered ("Haleon Brand Assets"). Unless otherwise indicated, all Haleon Brand Assets are owned by Haleon, its affiliates, related companies, licensors, or joint venture partners and cannot be used by third parties without express authorisation or a license. 

By using this website or that of any of the Haleon brands, you are not granted a license to or right in any Haleon Brand Assets (including trade marks and copyright) or any third party's brand assets. For more information, please refer to our website Terms of Use, which outlines the terms of use for the trade marks and proprietary rights on this website and that of all Haleon brands. 

Examples of leading Haleon Brand Assets 

For examples of leading brand assets, please see Our Brands.


  • If you are selling our products and need to refer to our brands to identify them, please make sure to only use the name of the brand. Do not use any logos, designs, stylised trade marks or other intellectual property rights related to our brands to identify our products without express authorisation or a license from Haleon.
  •  If you wish to use any Haleon advertisement, product or Haleon Brand Asset in any media, including all television, film, or print, please refer to the section below on "Requests for Use of Haleon Brand Assets". This section provides information on how you can request a license or authorisation to use any Haleon advertisement, product or Haleon Brand Assets.


  • Do not use any Haleon Brand Assets without express permission from Haleon or a written licence allowing you to do so.
  •  Where you are referring to our brands to identify products that you sell, ensure that you do not refer to our brands in a way that may create any impression of a connection, association, endorsement, partnership, or sponsorship with/by Haleon and our brands where such relationships do not exist.
  • Please do not descriptively use our trade marks to describe a type of product. For example, please do not use the word “chapstick” in all lowercase lettering as a descriptive term to describe all lip balm products. The term “chapstick” should only refer to Haleon’s ChapStick lip balm products and should always be reflected in writing as ChapStick. This will help us to protect our ChapStick brand and our registered trade mark rights related to our ChapStick brand. 


Copyright is a wide-ranging intellectual property right covering original works, including artistic, literary and musical works including e.g. text, fonts, pack designs, graphs and tables, articles, photographs, songs, and logos. Haleon Brand Assets are proprietary assets protected by copyright. Unauthorised use is prohibited.

If you want to use any of our Haleon Brand Assets, including copyright protected materials, for legitimate reasons, such as for TV, film, print, or education, you can request permission by referring to the section on "Requests for the use of Haleon Brand Assets" below. This section will provide you with information on how to submit your request.  


Requests for use of Haleon Brand Assets

If you would like to request the use of Haleon Brand Assets, please contact us at [email protected] and provide details of your request. We will review your request and respond to you via email once we have considered your request.