We are an independent company 100% focused on consumer health, with a clear purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity. 

This purpose guides us in everything we do. Embedding a culture that supports Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is integral to allowing us to live this purpose, as well as achieving our growth ambitions.

We are committed to ensuring that our workforce reflects the diversity of the consumers and communities who trust and rely on our products every day, across the globe. Not only is this the right thing to do, but we also firmly believe that having a diverse workforce is a powerful source of competitive advantage.

Brian McNamara

Chief Executive Officer 

Ensuring gender balance, recognising and celebrating the contribution of women and improving their representation across all levels of our business, is at the heart of our DEI ambitions.

Mairéad Nayager

Chief Human Resources Officer

Since our launch in July 2022, we have taken a series of positive steps to support the interests of women at Haleon – including our progressive Global Parental Leave and Global Caregiver Leave policies. As a newly formed company, we are however, very much at the beginning of our journey and know there is a lot more for us to do in this important space.


share of women on Haleon’s Executive Board


share of women in leadership roles[1]


[1] Percentage of women in employee or fixed-term contract leadership roles, defined as employees within our compensation grades 0-5. These roles include members of the Executive Team, their direct reports (excluding administration support), heads of department and other upper management.

Our progress so far on gender balance:

  • Set ourselves the clear goal of achieving gender parity in leadership roles by 2030
  • Recognised by FTSE Women Leaders Review as amongst the top ten performers in the UK for female representation in 2022 
  • Women@Haleon Global Employee Resource Group (ERG) established, alongside three further ERGs focused on Ethnicity, Disability and LGBTQ+
  • Outlined our first steps for supporting women’s careers at Haleon

Hear from some of our employees who are directly involved in our first initiatives to help advance women’s careers, prospects and wellbeing at Haleon.

51% of the population will experience menopause. But for far too long, too many people experiencing menopause struggle with societal stigma, discrimination and lack of support in the workplace and inadequate diagnosis and treatment. With women making up a large proportion of the ageing workforce, it’s critical that conversations around menopause are normalised and that awareness, education and training is prioritised. We’re just at the beginning of this journey but, over time, are aiming to ensure everyone at Haleon is represented and supported through menopause.

Nicki Metcalfe

Innovation Sales Finance Director and Menopause Support Champion

Diverse teams create the best ideas and innovation so it is critical our science takes an inclusive approach in everything we do. That’s why we invest in a variety of STEM partnerships from the Brooklands Innovation Academy in the UK to the Cristo Rey network in the US. There is always more work to do in this space to inspire the next generation of female scientists and we are committed to closing this gap.

Peter Ramsey

Chief Scientific Officer

Our vision for the Women@Haleon Global ERG is to strive for gender equality at every level to achieve full equality and true representation for women in the workplace and society. Through the ERG, we are building a community of like-minded employees across the globe who are passionate about being actively involved in fostering an inclusive and diverse culture. We will achieve this by focusing on initiatives aimed at promoting gender balance, leadership development, further increasing women’s representation at all levels of the organisation and developing a sense of belonging for our female talent.

Denise Walters

Stability Sciences Lead and Co-Lead, Women@Haleon Global ERG

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