Our strategy seeks to deliver sustainable above-market growth and attractive returns, while running a responsible business, which is integral to all we do.

Our purpose, together with our culture, commitment to stakeholders, core value and behaviours, strong governance and leadership standards, create the right environment where we can focus on delivering our strategic priorities.

Taken together, the four pillars of our strategy help drive both our reported revenue and 4-6% annual organic growth. Our annual organic revenue growth, combined with our attractive gross margins, allow us to invest in the business and deliver sustainable moderate Adjusted operating margin expansion, along with strong free cash flow. Progress against our strategy is tracked through our KPIs.

Our business model

Haleon’s competitive advantage is derived from combining deep human understanding with trusted science.

1 Over the medium term.

2 Adjusted operating margin in the medium term at CER.

3 Definitions and calculations of non-IFRS measures can be found from page 46 of our Annual Report