Everything you need to manage your shares.

If you are a holder of ordinary shares, this section has further information on the services available to you.

The registrars for Haleon plc are Equiniti. They are available to answer and support with any queries about your shareholding and help with various matters.

Shareholder enquiries:

Equiniti Limited
Aspect House
Spencer Road
West Sussex
BN99 6DA


(Within the UK) +44 (0) 371 384 2227

Lines open 8.30 am to 5.30 pm (UK time), Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays in England and Wales)

Please visit the ordinary sharedividendspage.

If you lose your share certificate, please contact Equiniti. They will arrange for a replacement certificate to be issues on completion of an indemnity to cover the company for any loss arising from dispute of ownership of the shares. The Registrars will advise of any appropriate charges that will be incurred.

If you have changed your address, please advise Equiniti in writing. Please include your old and new address together with your shareholder reference number if possible.

If you have previously provided a bank mandate in relation to your dividend payments and want to change which bank account or building society these are paid into, you will need to complete a form that can be obtained from Equiniti.

If you have changed your name, please advise Equiniti in writing together with the original or certified copy of your marriage certificate or other legal document.

In the event of a shareholder death, please advise Equiniti in writing or alternatively use the Equiniti Death Notification Service available at - https://www.deathnotificationservice.co.uk/.

The Haleon corporate sponsored nominee service is a convenient way to manage your Haleon shares without a share certificate.

The service is provided by Equiniti Financial Services Limited and provides a facility for shareholders to remove their shares from the Haleon share register and hold them together with other shareholders in a nominee company sponsored by Haleon. Shareholders participating in this service continue to receive dividend payments, annual reports and can attend and vote at Haleon’s general meetings. The shareholder is still the beneficial owner of the shares and simply instructs the nominee to buy/sell or transfer the holding on its behalf.

The service is free to join and it ensures that shareholders details are not held in the public domain.

For more information on how to transfer the shares you hold in certificated form into the Haleon corporate sponsored nominee or any other questions you may have, please visit www.shareview.co.uk/login or contact our Registrars, Equiniti Limited.

You can manage your UK shares and request changes to your details on the Equiniti www.shareview.co.uk.

If you register with Equiniti Shareview you will be able to make the following changes online:

  • change address details
  • change bank account details for dividend payments
  • change account designation

If you have only a small number of shares which would cost more for you to sell than they are worth, you may wish to consider donating them to charity. ShareGift is a registered charity (No. 1052686) which specialises in accepting such shares as donations. For more information visit www.sharegift.org or contact Equiniti.

If you are an ADR shareholder, this section has further information on the services available to you.

The Depositary Bank, JP Morgan

Our Depositary Bank for ADR holders is JPMorgan Chase Bank (JPM). They look after our register and are responsible for ensuring that shareholder details are recorded accurately. You should contact our Depositary for anything related to your shareholding, for example:

  • to inform of a change of name, address, or bank details;
  • to request a reissue of a dividend cheque;
  • to change how your dividends are paid;
  • to inform of a lost share certificate; in case of shareholder death.

JPM can be contacted by phone or post, and their contact details can be found below. Most of these changes can also be made online, by registering for an EQ Shareowner account if you hold ADRs.

Depositary Contact Details:

JPMorgan ADR shareholder services:

Transfer Agent:

EQ Shareowner Services
PO Box 64504
St. Paul
MN 55164-0504

Overnight correspondence should be sent to:

EQ Shareowner Services
1110 Centre Point Curve
Suite 101
Mendota Heights
MN 55120-4100

Website: www.shareowneronline.com

Tel: +1 877 353 1135 (US toll free)

Tel: +1 651 453 2128 (outside the USA)

Tel: +1 800 428 4237 for Global Invest Direct

Email anytime at https://www.shareowneronline.com/informational/contact-us/

The current share price can also be found on the home page of our website.

Haleon’s depositary bank, JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A. (“JPMorgan”), operates a Global Invest Direct programme which allows first time and existing investors to purchase and/or sell ADRs. For further details and to obtain an enrolment pack, please visit www.shareowneronline.com.

Alternatively, please contact your bank or stock broker who should be able to advise you on how to buy Haleon ADRs.

An American Depository Receipt (ADR) is issued by a depository bank (JPMorgan in Haleon’s case), and is used to represent a specific number of shares of a non-US company traded on a US stock exchange. This allows non-US companies to make their shares available outside their home markets and allows investors in the US and elsewhere to easily invest in companies.

American Depository Shares (ADS) are the actual shares which are traded and, in the case of Haleon, will be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The terms ADR and ADS are often used interchangeably.

Haleon ADRs will be issued by the depositary bank, JPMorgan. The underlying ordinary shares are deposited by a local custodian bank, usually by a broker who has purchased the ordinary shares in the open market. Once issued, Haleon ADRs may be traded in the US on the New York Stock Exchange.

When the ADR holder sells, the ADR can either be sold to another investor in the US market or cancelled. In the latter case, the ADR is surrendered to the depositary, and the ordinary shares held with the depositary’s custodian would be released back into the home market (i.e. the UK)

A Haleon ADR holder is able to request delivery of the underlying Haleon Ordinary Shares at any time.

The depositary we use is JPMorgan Chase Bank N.A., whose contact details can be found above.

Holders of Haleon ADRs are entitled to instruct JPMorgan as to how to vote in relation to their shareholding at the respective Annual General Meetings or General Meetings. The voting rights are in relation to the number of Haleon Ordinary Shares represented by the respective ADRs. If you choose not to instruct JPM, your shares will not be voted.

Holders of Haleon ADRs are entitled to instruct JPMorgan as to how to vote in relation to their shareholding at the respective Annual General Meetings or General Meetings. The voting rights are in relation to the number of Haleon Ordinary Shares represented by the respective ADRs. If you choose not to instruct JPM, your shares will not be voted.

ADR dividends are paid in US dollars. The dividend amount paid on ADRs is calculated by converting the dividend amount in pounds sterling to US dollars, using the exchange rate as at close of business three days prior to the payment date. The reference share price for ordinary shares is then multiplied by two (as one ADR represents two ordinary shares).

(The US dollar dividend amount received is likely to differ from the US dollar determining rate announced in the results due to the currency fluctuations between the date the dividend is declared and three days before the payment date).

The ADR depositary is entitled to receive dividends in pounds sterling, which is the currency in which Haleon's dividends are declared. Payment in the US dollar determining rate would expose Haleon to foreign currency fluctuations arising from movements between ADRs and share registers.

JPMorgan provides a Global Invest Direct programme, a direct ADS dividend reinvestment plan for ADR holders. For details on how to enrol please visit www.shareowneronline.com or call the JP Morgan helpline number above to obtain an enrolment pack.

Cautionary statements regarding forward-looking statements

Haleon cautions investors that any forward-looking statements or projections made by Haleon, including those made in this announcement, are subject to risks and uncertainties that may cause actual results to differ materially from those projected.

For further questions please contact JP Morgan using the contact details above. You can also contact Haleon Investor Relations Team at - [email protected]