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We are a world-leading consumer health company with a clear purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity.

Our leading brands are built on science, innovation and human understanding and are trusted by millions of consumers globally. Haleon has a strong portfolio of brands and is well positioned to play a vital role for people all around the world, in a sector that is growing and more relevant than ever.

The definition of consumer healthcare varies across competitors and industry data sources. We define it as consisting of Oral Health, VMS and Over-the-Counter (OTC). Within OTC, Haleon's portfolio comprises of Pain, Respiratory, Digestive and Other.




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1 Source: Nicholas Hall (2023) and Haleon’s analysis of third-party market data.

Our business model

Haleon’s competitive advantage is derived from combining deep human understanding with trusted science.


Key resources:

Our competitive strengths:

Deep human understanding

We invest in a suite of proprietary assets to generate deep human understanding to support brand innovation, and enhance our engagement with Health Professionals to help educate consumers. This includes dedicated shopper research centres, consumer knowledge and social listening data, all designed to generate and test new insights and identify consumer needs.

Trusted science

We leverage the technical and scientific expertise that comes from our scientists with strong regulatory understanding, underpinned by clinical trials and extensive studies. During the year, we delivered 86 publications supporting our expert engagement and product claims. We continue to invest in research and development (R&D) to support our innovation.

Guided by our purpose, we:


Through innovation, we address unmet consumer needs and emerging trends, target products towards a particular demographic and improve delivery mechanisms for existing products which drive consumer preference for our products.

Create meaningful and distinctive brands

Our investment in advertising and promotion (A&P) activities such as paid media, in-store promotions, TV and print, coupled with a strong focus on digital capabilities, has enhanced our brand equity with brands consumers trust, thereby empowering more people to self-care.

Drive Health Professional advocacy

We have direct and trusted relationships with more than 3m Health Professionals, together with access to the largest network of pharmacies in the world, who recognise the strength and efficacy of our products which they recommend to consumers, bringing new users to our brands and categories.

Our market categories:

Oral health

As one of the world’s largest providers of oral health products, our science-based products are designed to fight against everyday oral health problems.

Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS)

Our extensive range of vitamins, minerals and supplements is designed to improve people’s everyday health and wellness.

Pain relief

We have a portfolio of leading brands to relieve pain and reduce inflammation, helping people manage their everyday pain relief.

Respiratory health

Our respiratory health brands offer product solutions for a broad range of respiratory issues, including cold and flu, nasal congestion, coughs and allergies.

Digestive health and other

Our digestive health brands have a strong heritage in treating heartburn and gastric discomfort. 

Driving value – our financial model

A sustainable growth model

Our competitive strengths combined with our ability to innovate, build brands and drive expert advocacy creates a sustainable model for growth, and deliver attractive returns.

1 Over the medium-term.

2 Definitions and calculations of non-IFRS measures can be found from page 43.

3 Includes purchase of Property, Plant and Equipment (PP&E) and intangible assets.

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