Haleon is 100% focused on consumer health. 

Our deep human understanding, combined with our trusted science, means we focus on what matters. We innovate to solve the unmet everyday health needs. This brings us a real competitive advantage.

Haleon exists to deliver better everyday health with humanity.

Deeper human understanding

We invest in a suite of proprietary assets to generate deep human understanding to support brand innovation and enhance our engagement with health professionals to help educate consumers. This includes dedicated shopper research centres, consumer knowledge and social listening data, all designed to generate and test new insights and identify consumer needs. There is a huge opportunity to improve people’s quality of life, not just their health needs. That’s why creating a deep human understanding will always be our starting point.

Trusted science

We leverage the technical and scientific expertise that comes from our scientists with strong regulatory understanding, underpinned by clinical trials and extensive studies. During the year, we delivered 86 publications supporting our expert engagement and product claims. We continue to invest in Research and Development (R&D) to support our innovation.

Across our Marketing and Research & Development functions, we identify the barriers that prevent people from taking action and then act on ‘the why’. We want to understand why people haven’t taken what would seem to be an obvious step to make themselves better.

Not just within the world of R&D and marketing, but rather, our deep human understanding enables our entire company to mobilise people to change something as fundamental as their behaviours when it comes to health.

Meet some of our scientists

The team of scientists at Haleon are world-class chemists, innovators, microbiologists, product-developers, clinical researchers, doctors, dentists, nutritionists, pharmacists, surgeons, bio-statisticians, lawyers, flavourists and data scientists. They are also mums, dads, grandmas, sisters, brothers, athletes, charity workers, and chefs.

Together, they are united by a passion for science to help consumers enjoy a better life.

Transparency in our research

As part of our evidence-based approach in our research we understand the importance of transparency in conducting clinical trials. Our principle is to disclose publicly information about Haleon-sponsored clinical research that evaluates our products, irrespective of whether the results are likely to be perceived as positive or negative.