One of the ways we’re creating opportunities for young people is through the Cristo Rey Corporate Work Study Program, based in the US. 

This programme breaks down the socioeconomic and cultural barriers that often inhibit the future success of young people – who are often from disadvantaged backgrounds.

This year we have welcomed our first set of students from the Cristo Rey network to one of our global R&D centres of excellence in Richmond, VA. Through the programme they are able to work at our R&D site for five days a month. This provides an opportunity for young people in disadvantaged communities to understand the impact science can have in real-life and the breadth of opportunities for a career in STEM.

These are just a few ways we’re helping to inspire the next generation of girls and women to follow a career in science. As a world-leading consumer health company, we will never stop in our pursuit to be inclusive in our approach to science to deliver everyday health solutions for the people we serve.

If you would like to help improve everyday health in every corner of the world, come and learn more about all our careers opportunities here at Haleon.