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  • Haleon, with endorsement from University College London (UCL) School of Management Executive Education, is offering all 22,000 employees globally access to a mini Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Deeper Human Understanding.
  • The mini MBA is virtual and open to participants to complete at their own pace during a two-year window.


London, 8 December 2022: Haleon, with endorsement from UCL School of Management Executive Education, has launched a fully certified mini MBA course. Offered to all employees globally, this inclusive course on Deeper Human Understanding elevates professional development and focuses on transformational insights and behavioural science. It is an external accreditation that can be included in CVs and is expected to attract and retain talent.

As a consumer health company, trusted science combined with a deep human understanding is the cornerstone of everything Haleon does. The company uses this combination to positively impact the health of people around the world, in line with its purpose to deliver better everyday health with humanity. As such, deep human understanding is a critical enabler for Haleon to better service its consumers and their evolving needs. The mini MBA in Deeper Human Understanding shifts the focus from understanding the what, to investigating the why and can be applied to any business area. Teams are encouraged to proactively gain stakeholder insights from groups such as experts, consumers, and partners to understand their actions, mindset and motivations.

The company’s 22,000 employees will have free access to complete the mini MBA during a two-year window from signing up. The course consists of nine modules covering areas such as insights, storytelling, semiotics, behavioural science, macro trends and consumer closeness. The course ends with a capstone project, where participants write a paper demonstrating the impact of applying deep human understanding within their field of work within Haleon.

Haleon has an incredible portfolio of brands including for example Sensodyne, Panadol and Centrum – which are loved and depended upon by millions of people around the world. This is because we combine deep human understanding to identify consumer needs which can be solved with our trusted science to deliver better everyday health. It is critical that colleagues across our business, in every function, at every level understand and apply this on a daily basis. As a global leader in consumer health, we are committed to continuously developing, taking every opportunity to stretch, learn and grow. The launch of the mini MBA offers our colleagues career and professional development, and I’m sure will help Haleon retain and attract the kind of talent that will help us find new and better ways to live happier, healthier and more productive lives – underpinning our future business success.

Tamara Rogers

Chief Marketing Officer, Haleon

Haleon choosing to create this mini MBA is a real demonstration of intent and a fantastic way to develop employees and attract new ones to the business. Course participants will learn a lot from the Mini MBA in Deeper Human Understanding, skills that can be applied to their career now and in the future. The curriculum we reviewed and endorsed is designed well and offers an engaging learning experience.

Professor Paolo Taticchi OMRI

School Deputy Director (MBA, Global Engagement and Executive Education), University College London School of Management (UCL)

The Haleon mini MBA in Deeper Human Understanding is available now and will be available for at least the next two years. 


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About Haleon

Haleon (LSE: HLN) is a global leader in consumer health, with brands trusted by millions of consumers globally. The group employs over 22,000 people across 170 markets, who are united by Haleon’s purpose - to deliver better everyday health with humanity. Haleon’s product portfolio spans five major categories - Oral Health, Pain Relief, Respiratory Health, Digestive Health and Other, and Vitamins, Minerals and Supplements (VMS). Its long-standing brands - such as Advil, Sensodyne, Panadol, Voltaren, Theraflu, Otrivin, Polident, parodontax and Centrum - are built on trusted science, innovation and deep human understanding.

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