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Fast and effective relief

Theraflu products are available for treatment of a range of symptoms associated with cold and flu including pain, fever, headache, runny nose, nasal congestion, wet cough or dry cough.

What does it do?

Theraflu relieves cold and flu symptoms fast, providing symptom relief. *

How does it work?

Theraflu combines speed and effectiveness, restoring everyday performance with a combination of active ingredients to relieve bothersome cold and flu symptoms.

The science behind Theraflu

Cold and flu viruses produce chemicals – prostaglandins – which signal pain to the brain. Paracetamol reduces pain and congestion by blocking these chemicals, helping to alleviate the symptoms of cold and flu. The hot powdered drink format of Theraflu helps the body to absorb paracetamol quickly so that it can get to work faster.


*Valid for products with 650mg and 500mg APAP