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Thanks to its rigorous science, Polident's range of products helps give denture wearers the confidence to live life without worrying about their dentures - whether you wear partial dentures, full dentures, or a removable nightguard or retainer.

What does it do?

Polident fixatives provide hold for up to 12 hours and seal out 5x more food particles compared to no fixative.

Our low-abrasive cleansers are specially formulated to keep dentures clean and fresh and help denture wearers maintain oral hygiene every day.

How does it work?

Polident fixatives contain two adhesive polymers, which expand as they absorb saliva. As they expand they interlock, creating a soft, cushioning layer between your dentures and gum tissue.

Polident cleansers are formulated with four powerful cleaning ingredients that act together to clean your dentures. Two of these ingredients release active oxygen to kill bacteria and help to remove stains. This antibacterial activity is enhanced by an accelerator, while a cleansing agent helps break down and lift away any food fragments and stubborn stains. All the while, Polident is gentle on dentures and suitable for everyday use.