We have an ambition to become industry-leading in supporting the health and wellbeing of our employees, shaping and setting standards in the local markets where our employees live and work. 

Our aim is to have people policies and initiatives that are designed to provide equal opportunities, create an inclusive culture, and support our purpose, strategy and long-term success. They reflect relevant employment law, as well as the provisions of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labour Organisation Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We review our policies regularly, including reviews by our Board and Remuneration Committee where relevant.

We are committed to investing in and building high performing, diverse teams to meet our strategic and long-term ambitions. We have a comprehensive approach which includes apprenticeship and mentoring programmes, and an open, inclusive culture that promotes career development and equal opportunities.

We offer a suite of tools to help our people get the most out of their careers at Haleon, from learning and development to our annual performance review process and leadership development programmes. Our annual performance approach, involving quarterly performance conversations, supports us to work at our best to deliver results, with individual evaluations carried out at year-end by managers.

Every employee has access to our internal development portal with its extensive development courses, videos and articles on a range of topics including decision making, building change capability, coaching, influencing others and health and wellbeing.

Following the demerger from GSK, Haleon continued to offer the First Line Leader programme until the end of 2022. Adaptations were made to align with Haleon’s new purpose and culture. The programme was available to new employees with line manager responsibilities and took participants through the leadership model: Motivate, Focus, Care and Develop. The course consisted of five modules over 10 weeks (20 hours in total) and was supplemented by three check-ins before, during and after programme completion. 97% of participants reported that the course enabled them to better fulfil their roles at Haleon and contribute to our purpose and new culture. Haleon’s new First Line Leader programme launched in June 2023 and is aligned to our new leadership standards. 

Coaching Essentials is a programme available to all Haleon employees. It offers participants the opportunity to build their competence and confidence in coaching in support of Haleon’s new purpose, strategy and culture. It is delivered through a blend of virtual sessions, online study and practical application. In 2022, participants who responded to the course survey gave a rating of 4.47/5 (89%) against the statement 'The programme has helped me to feel competent to take a coaching approach as part of my daily leadership.'

We continue to evaluate how we can better support employees. We also aspire to build a culture that supports and enables the health and wellbeing of our people.

As a company with a focus on everyday health with humanity, the health and wellbeing of our employees is one of our top priorities. We take a holistic view, one that encompasses mental, emotional, physical and purposeful health. We offer a number of tools and initiatives to support employees. Depending on location these can include:

  • A free, confidential global Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) that offers both proactive and reactive support for personal, workplace, relationship breakdown, financial and crisis issues. Access is for both employees and their eligible dependants.
  • Themed mindfulness training for all our employees.
  • Mental health and resilience training.
  • Access to local occupational health teams.
  • Leadership development standards on how to care for and inspire teams.
  • Leading with Care – A training programme that builds the confidence and skills of our leaders in health, safety and wellbeing.
  • Partnership for Prevention (P4P). A programme giving employees and eligible family members access to a core set of preventive healthcare services at little to no cost.
  • Global “No Meetings” days for office-based employees to give people protected time to focus.
  • We have dedicated New Parent Rooms in 17% of our commercial offices. These are comfortable, private spaces designed to support new parents in the workplace. We are opening up two new offices in London and Bangalore, both will have a Wellness Room or New Parent Room.

We are committed to providing a collaborative work environment with direct communication between management, employees, and where employees have chosen to organize within an appropriate framework, their representatives. As of August 2023, 40% of Haleon employees were represented by an independent trade union or were covered by a collective bargaining agreement [1]

[1] Scope = Haleon employees, excluding contract workers. Collective bargaining agreement levels = sector, national, regional, organizational, or workplace.

Parental leave

In 2022, we introduced a new parental leave policy. All employees globally are entitled to 26-weeks fully paid parental leave following the arrival of a child into their lives. The policy is open to all employees, regardless of gender or sexuality and covers biological birth, surrogacy and adoption. This is a new global minimum standard policy which does not intend to deprive an employee of parental leave rights and benefits they may have under local law. It is a commitment to give equal opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender, to focus on raising a family, in the knowledge that their Haleon careers can continue to flourish. 

Launch of ‘Hybrid at Haleon’

Core to driving performance is creating the environment and ways of working that allow our employees to be their best inside of work and out. We incorporated learnings from the Covid pandemic and evolved our approach to envisage the future of work at Haleon. Our ‘Hybrid at Haleon’ philosophy focuses on intentionality, community and experimentation. It is based on managers and teams trusting each other and working together to find the right way to drive performance. We blend office, home and other locations to nurture creativity and innovation, to get the focus we need and to give and get energy through social connectivity. Hybrid at Haleon allows office-based employees flexible hours, working from home and part-time working options based on local guidance.