Our brands work to help tackle specific barriers that stand in the way of better everyday health.

We seek to design products and services with inclusivity in mind, aiming to shift attitudes and beliefs through inclusive campaigns, and running programmes to empower people with health information.

A study by Vintura on the health-economic benefits of self-care in Europe found that 8 out of 10 individuals recognise that it is their responsibility to manage their own health and are willing to do so, but only 2 out of 10 feel very confident they know how [1]. By increasing people’s understanding and confidence in how to manage their own health, we can help more people take better self-care, empowering them to adopt healthy behaviours and supporting the growth of our brands.

Whether we’re improving health literacy, making everyday health more accessible or tackling the bias and prejudice that prevents people from treating their everyday health conditions, we want our efforts to be good for people and good for our business – helping us to realise Haleon’s purpose of delivering better everyday health with humanity.

Theraflu’s Rest and Recover initiative

Although resting when unwell helps recovery and keeps others safe, many US workers feel pressure to power through and go to work sick. Theraflu’s Temperature Check survey of 2,000 US workers found that 70% of Black women and 68% of Latina women felt that some form of financial assistance would help them take a sick day.  In response, Theraflu ran the second year of its Rest & Recover initiative in 2022, in partnership with the Good+ Foundation, focusing on raising awareness of the issue, changing attitudes to sick leave and providing a $200,000 Rest & Recover Fund to help cover lost wages from unpaid sick days.

Barcodes that speak with Seeing AI

To help make our brands more accessible, we have collaborated with Microsoft to help them expand the functionality of their Seeing AI app for Haleon products. Seeing AI is a free mobile app that scans the information on product labels and reads it out loud. Consumers can scan the barcode on UK and US Haleon products and hear crucial information such as name, ingredients, and usage instructions.

Otrivin's Actions to Breathe Cleaner

Our respiratory brand, Otrivin, is raising awareness of the impact of air pollution on health. The World Health Organization estimates that 93% of children are breathing polluted air that exceeds safe limits every day [2]. Otrivin launched the Actions to Breathe Cleaner: Schools Programme at COP26 with its Air Bubble educational exhibit – as children play in the Air Bubble, micro-algae purifies the air. The programme also teaches young people about the everyday actions they can take to minimise the health impacts of air pollution. In India, air purifiers have been installed in schools and 10,000 ‘pollution capture pencils’ were created by mixing graphite with residue collected from air purifiers installed at three schools with the poorest air quality in Bengaluru.