2022 performance highlights

Being a responsible business is one of Haleon's four strategic priorities. We are committed to making everyday health more inclusive, reducing our environmental impact, and operating with ethical, responsible, and transparent behaviours and standards of conduct. 

We will proactively share our progress against our responsible business targets and recently published our first Annual Report, which includes more information on our responsible business strategy, targets and performance. 

We are expanding our publicly available disclosures and will publish additional content in this section of our website throughout the year.


Focus area

Our goals

Target date

Our 2022 performance

Health Inclusivity We will empower millions of people a year to be more included in opportunities for better everyday health, empowering 50 million people a year 


22.4m+ empowered

Tackling carbon emissions We aim to reduce our net Scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 100% vs 2020


41% reduction vs 2020*

Tackling carbon emissions We aim to reduce our Scope 3 carbon emissions from source to sale by 42% vs 2020


0% reduction vs 2020

Making our packaging more sustainable We aim to reduce our use of virgin petroleum-based plastic by 10% vs 2020


3% increase vs 2020

Making our packaging more sustainable We aim to develop solutions for all product packaging to be recycle-ready


65% of our packaging is recycle-ready

Sourcing trusted ingredients sustainably We aim that all of our key agricultural, forest and marine derived materials used in our ingredients and packaging are sustainably sourced and deforestation free by 2030 2030 92% of our palm oil derivatives are RSPO mass balance certified

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We aim to reach gender parity in leadership roles by 2030 2030 43.7% of leadership roles are held by women