We strive for better water management and less waste. We’re integrating water stewardship and waste circularity into our operations. 


  • We aim to achieve TRUE Certification at our manufacturing sites by 2030.

In 2020, all manufacturing sites now owned by Haleon achieved the goal of sending zero waste to landfill1. While maintaining this performance, we want to move our manufacturing waste towards greater circularity by certifying our sites with the TRUE zero waste certification system. To do this, we will divert the waste materials we generate into circular cycles – for example reuse, recycling and composting.


  • We aim to achieve Alliance for Water Stewardship standard certification at our manufacturing sites by 2025.
  • We aim to achieve water neutrality at our manufacturing sites in water-stressed basins by 2030.

We recognise that water used in our supply chain is a local resource shared with the communities in which we operate. As members of the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), we are taking steps to ensure our management of water is environmentally sustainable and socially equitable through AWS certification of our sites. We also signed the CEO Water Mandate, an initiative that mobilises business leaders on water, sanitation and the Sustainable Development Goals, and we’re committed to continuous progress against the core commitments of the mandate.

Case study: Supporting water replenishment efforts in South Africa

At our site in Cape Town, South Africa, which is in a water-stressed basin, we’re supporting a water replenishment project focussed on removing non-native plant species from the local water catchment area. The presence of these plant species can reduce the amount of freshwater available in affected areas. The project aims to restore 250 hectares in the local catchment area by 2025 and will establish a community-run nursery growing native plants as part of the river restoration activities, benefiting the local ecosystem and community.

1This calculation excludes waste which we are legally obliged to send to landfill.